Candle Making Parties

When we were first approached to donate candles for the Island Hospital Gala we never thought people would enjoy making their own candles. We were a little nervous how the candles would turn out in an uncontrolled environment in someone else's home etc. Would it be too messy? Would we be too overwhelmed? How much interaction do customers need for an activity like this and will they be happy with what they made? All these questions went through our heads. But after our first party, everyone's candle turned out amazing, we figured out a way to simplify the whole process and have a great time.  

It was actually FUN to host the parties and seeing how different every candle turned out. Then our next party got easier, then the next. As we add more wholesalers to the mix, the candle parties are becoming easier to host.  The cool thing about the parties is that each person gets to sign the label on the candle they created; and when they give that candle to someone special it was made with their own two little hands.

Here in Anacortes, there is a First Friday Art Walk every month where visitors can walk through different Art Galleries and mixed media studios and see different pieces of art. Our version just got a little more funner and more interactive by allowing people to make their very own Anacortes Candle!

If your interested in having a cool bonding experience with your friends and family, hit us up for the holidays.  We're excited to help plan a fun hippie-interactive experience.